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Tigran Tsitoghdzyan, originaly from Armenia and now based in New York , passed his days painting and drawing since very young. He found his universe when he discovered the oil paints at the age of 5.

Very soon he was noticed by Henrik Iguitian, an art critic, founder and director of Modern Art Museum and Children Art Museum in Yerevan. He organized Tigran’s first personal exhibition with one hundred works when Tigran was ten years old.


The exhibition started in Yerevan, and then continued in the cities of Spain and USA. In the following years Tigran had numerous exhibitions in Armenia, Russia, West Europe and United States.


He was awarded by different governmental organizations and foundations in Armenia and Russia. Hundreds of articles were written, interviews and 2 documentaries were made. His paintings were included in the catalogues of the modern Armenian artists.


Tigran studied in the Fine Art Academy of Yerevan, and also worked as a decorator in the Pantomime Theater. Tigran got the degree of a Master of Art in the Public Sphere (MAPS). During that period he was also working at the same school as an assistant, and did Artist Residences in England and South Africa.


Tigran currently live and work in New York. The majority of his works are in private collections, galleries and museums worldwide.




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