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A fixture in the art market international circuit, Vogelsang Gallery constantly promotes its artists through Exhibitions and Art Fairs around the world. "An Art Fair is the window of our gallery.  Our team is very detailed-oriented and dedicated to displaying artists' works with aestheticism and creativity," says Gregoire Vogelsang, 


Since its opening, Vogelsang Gallery has been part of Art Fairs taking place in major markets in USA and Asia such as: New York, Hamptons, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubaï, Miami, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, etc.


Based on the past successes, the gallery will continue to grow its international trajectory, with numerous Exhibitions and Art Fairs already booked on its agenda . Travelling in those leading markets provides Vogelsang Gallery's team the ability to gain a close up view of new artistic directions. We continuously look for exciting fresh international artists to bring into the gallery's collection in order to introduce them to our collectors. 

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