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Thalie, originaly from France, always impassioned by drawing in her childhood, she began her first oil painting on canvas at the age of 7. In her teen, she became fascinated by photography and the possibilities offered by computer art and digital imagery. She started to merge images enhanced by computer artwork and often combined with a variety of painting techniques.


She associates her photocompositions with acrylic paint, stickings, even crystals of Swarovski, or feathers on aluminum sheets and she recovers the whole of a brilliant lacquer. The aluminum gives to her work an amazing metallic aspect. The colors of her paintings change according to weather, and from the place where we contemplate them.  Thalie's work can be described as colourful, dynamic,  and fantasy. Her main sources of inspiration are travels, design, street art, fashion and music. The young artist soon developed her own distinctive style, which fascinates international art galleries and collectors. She was ehxibited  in art galleries in Paris, Saint Tropez, Geneva, Brussels, New York and Miami, and in Contemporary Art Fairs all over the world. 




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