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Soraya Doolbaz, born in Tehran in 1980, ingeniously breaching the gap between contemporary photography and old masterpieces. Her ubiquitous photomosaics pays tribute to iconic artists who depict female sensuality in their pieces. She is passionate about the phenomenon of capturing male genital in photography and she has taken an artistic approach to this new trend.


By dressing the male form in costumes she creates characters and adds humor to the otherwise alluring dating tactic. Her unique artistic approach to represent the essence of masculinity has the ability to surprise. She created many humorous characters (Napoleon Boner Parte, Vladimir Forskinski , Fidel Cockstroke, Kim Dong Un, etc...). 

The creativity and the aestheticism of the result seduce immediately. 


Her work has been internationally recognised by galleries and major publications such as Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post and The Village Voice amongst many more. 


Soraya now lives and works in New York. 




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