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New York based photographer Sophie Caretta was born in Versailles, France. She has lived in Italy,  and later, Argentina , where she studied architecture. She studied at The FEMIS, Fondation des métiers de l’Image et du Son, in Paris where she worked as a photographer and director of short films.Before stepping into the directing ring in America  Sophie worked  in France as assistant camera on feature films, including “The City of Lost Children”. She currently lives and works in New York, where  she directs spot commercials for perfumes , insurance and other brands.


Her studies in architecture and photography combined with her commercial experience are all  related to one another by a single driving force clearly visible in Sophie Carretta’s photography.  She strives to tell a story, complete in itself , sometimes transcending time.   She loves  to capture the magic moment that is like a spark, a trick of  light,  out of the ordinary, the surprise of an unexpected emotion, the look that speaks volumes.


She likes working on a variety of projects as long as she can bring her personal poetry  to everything she does.







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