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Nic Gaunt is an English born artist, now based in Hong Kong, who has travelled extensively to develop his unique sense of perspective and creativity that shine through his work. A widely renowned and exhibited photographer across Europe and Asia, Nic incorporates a unique perspective to prompt the imagination and senses in each project and composition.   His extensive work with The English Arts Council is highly regarded, and now Nic brings his artistic interpretation to New York.


Constantly striving to challenge the viewer to experience a personal and provocative emotion, Nic’s creativity positions his subjects as merely a conduit to an end state.  From a blank canvas on which ideas and expressions are placed, the powerful and evocative imagery he creates pose a surreal yet realistic overtone with underlying sexual tension.

As with all creative artists, his work is multi dimensional where through a strong control of the image, manipulation of light that creates such varied perspectives, to specific forms of composition and subtle hidden messages to provoke, challenge and stimulate the viewer’s senses.




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