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Marc Lagrange's work celebrates beauty and pleasure. The Antwerp-based photographer, who has a predilection for nudes and portraits, creates luxurious and timeless environments, where eroticism and intimacy play a central part.

The chemistry Lagrange has with his models sets him apart from other photographers. He gets them to reveal parts of themselves in a trusting climate, envisaging the shoot as the ultimate performance act.
Losing their inhibitions in front of the camera, his models turn into characters, echoing Lagrange's cinematic references. Although they bare it all, his women retain their sense of mystery and elusive charm, making them even more attractive.

Harshness and shock are absent from his world. Lagrange favors seduction instead of sex. Hedonistic and privileged, his images do not deal with ordinary settings or regular situations. They focus on dreams and fantasies, escaping logic and the constraints of reality. His eye for detail, which is apparent within intricate compositions, underlines a perfectionist streak, served by his use of technique.
Famous for shooting with large Polaroids, the Belgian photographer loves textures and a suggestive feel, moving away from the sharp and clinical edge of fashionable photography. Emphasizing shapes and curves, Lagrange places bodies at the center of his artistic research, looking for exciting angles and new perspectives.

Lagrange's work has been praised by critics and collected worldwide.             .His “Extra Large Marc Lagrange” show took place in Graz in 2012, occupying 3000 square meters. In 2011, “Maison Lagrange” introduced more than 240 artworks to the public, many of them unseen. The retrospective lasted half a year.Several books have been published under his name, including Polarized by Ludion (2009), Marc Lagrange 20 by Lido (2011), XXML The Book (2012) and Diamond & Pearls that has been launched in 2013 in 80 countries by international publisher house teNeues.Lagrange also directed a commercial video for clothing brand Supertrash, promoting the launch of their latest fragrance.





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