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Laurent Muschel was born in Strasbourg (France) in 1968. He lives and works in Brussels.

He was first discovered, by Pascal Polar, with his pictures of black women in front of a black background. In a minimalist spirit, he developed an "aesthetic investigation" which tries to capture the meaning of what he calls "Blackitude". His photographic work, far from showing a dark vision, gives some intense and unique light to these pictures where black is the dominant colour.

He is now developing a portfolio called "Back to Museum". The idea behind it is more than shooting people from the back in a museum! It is to use photography as a tool to have a fresh look at art in museums, to show art in a new angle. By doing so, he establishes an "invisible dialogue" between the viewer and the paintings, showing correspondences which add food for thought. It is his way to add a layer of "art on art", while merging the painting and the viewer. 





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