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Fiona Ai Bubble, originaly from Monaco and now based in New York , is an internationally acclaimed mixed media artist and painter, specializing in the new concept of virtual reality. She was born in Sau Paulo, Brazil in 1984 and also has German, Dutch, Chinese origins. Between Paris and New York, she studied her passion for art and photography at Parsons the New School for Design. After having travelled the world and enriched her artistic vision, Fiona created her own artistic movement: “Flow & Light”, the dualistic concept of life linking reality to the virtual world, a synergy for creation between emotion and action, intention and behaviour.

This movement is influenced by some artistic movements such as pointillism, impressionism, expressionism, cubism, surrealism and symbolism. Philosophy and psychology are also important parts of it, especially spirituality and psychic research. Her creations are like a crystallization of a fleeting event, created from the psychic and the emotional. Her artworks are like puzzles which express her point of view and her vision of the world. She translates her experience through “light paintings”. She mixes photography, digital art, drawing and painting. Energy, the pursuit of serenity and the knowledge of the self and the world are major themes of her work.










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