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Collages combined with raw colors and female forms characterize the works of Dirk Wagemans. He often uses popular events or personal experiences as an inspiration to create his works. They are footprints of the life he leads. Patterns, attempts to structure his everyday perceptions, usually are threatened by unleashed figures.  The motive of Vanitas often returns in his works standing both for vanity and ephemerality. People in his paintings seem to suffer from status fear.     


Dirk was born in July of 1979 in the city of Leuven (Belgium). He studied art in Heverlee and at the Urban Academy of Leuven. Before going to university he joined several local art exhibitions where he won a few prizes as a young artist. 


He has university degrees in History, International Politics, Geography and Management.

During his university years in Belgium and Italy his art evolved to become more mature and powerful. Many of his works are now owned by private collectors around Europe and in Central America.










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