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Catherine Ailesse, originaly from Belgium, started her painting career since the young age of 21 years old, learning on her own, while attending classes at the Academy of Arts, Boitsfort in Brussels. An artiste strives to find her innate style, she have evolved from graphite drawings , watercolour, a la prima portraits to oil on wood and now she paint mostly with oil paint on canvas.


Shehave always been criticized me for my too much finished, too much worked work .  She found a style that showed off what she was criticized with before , and it paid off – a precursor of modern paintings, she kept what she always liked about the Flemish Primitives, and even more specifically, the Renaissance painters.


This means the care, the detail, minus the frills. Her oil technique which she call "pixel", let you see the big picture from far away and at the same time once you are very closely, the image does not lose its power or its simplicity. 






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