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Olivia is a Belgian passionate and vibrant artist, born in London in 1982.

Creativity is her natural soul calling. When she paints, her every move is filled with blissful energy as she allows the universe to flow through her. She then shares that light with the world on canvas.

Originally self taught, as her entourage considered insecure to study and work in the arts field, she was a night artist at first. She then took art courses at the Royal Academy in London, Central Saint Martins and the Royal Drawing School and started exhibiting while working fulltime.

Today, her career is at the frontier between established and emerging since it has been 6 years (since December 2017) she successfully decided to make her lifework as a fulltime artist. It is her way to contribute to awaken her’s and the world’s consciousness.

She hopes she can ignite faith in others: that it is never too late to follow ones’ heart. Life can be easy, delicious and fullfilling once we make it a discipline to decondition, liberate our soul, re-member ourselves and uncover our authentic path.

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