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Alain Richard is one of the most established fashion photographer in Europe. He studied at I.A.T.A , in his native Belgium . Severals Award winner, some of his fashion advertising campaigns landed in the pages of such major magazines such as DS Magazine, W, American Vogue , French Vogue... Now in his forties, Alain Richard is exploring new and uncharted territories. His first series, simply called The Moon, was taken in the Atacama Desert, possibly the oldest and driest in the world, at the foot of the Andes in Chile. The artist accentuates these by illuminating it with vivid coloring as if they were radiant pigments, shimmering like jewels against the black velvet of the heavens.


And as if the moon had not already entered human mythology and captured not only the endless motion of the tides but the dreams of men, Alain’s newest project shows he’s still not done with his latest obsession. What with the far side of the Moon, always hidden from men’s sight? With its forever-locked waltz with Earth, the Moon always shows the same face, its Near Side, with its large dark fake seas, its maria. Hence, for his most recent work, named the Far Side, Alain went looking in the NASA photo archives taken during the 1972 Apollo 16 mission with the intention to expose the Moon’s obscure visage. Choosing a different perspective and casting a luminous new light, he works the images using various techniques. The result, however, does not take away from the seductive mystery of the dark side of the Moon; instead it emphasizes its mystical attributes by unveiling only the parts it allows us to peak at. 










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