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The Belgian Alain Daussin was introduced to the world of picture by a comic strip drawer (Tillieux) and started photography studies in 1977 in a school of the City of Brussels. He was soon discovered by the “Photo” magazine (France), and his pictures were published under the heading ‘young talent’. From that time on, he worked for lots of magazines and advertising campaigns. He specialized in female photography.

Since his carreer launched in 1983, some of his pictures became iconic and were spread in the whole world through the publishing of black and white art posters (Catch publishing, Verkerke, Art Unlimited).

In 1985, he received the "Eurobest Award" of advertising for his picture in the Belgian campaign " Le soir, les hommes accouchent ". Although he was more famous for his black and white pictures, he did not abandon the colour pictures. He is collaborating on a regular basis with magazines such as "Photo", "Max", "Telerama", "Zoom" in France or "Elle", "Knacht", "Donna", "Per lui" in Italy, "Stern" in Germany, for "Amateur Photographer's" in London ... Today, Alain Daussin lives and work between Brussels and Paris.  




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