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Sophie Cauvin, originaly from belgium, excell in very large format. She is one of the most promising mid-career belgian painter. Her work has been internationaly show in galleries and museeum. She studied at the prestigious « Royal Academy des Beaux Arts » in Brussels. Her paintings make us live emotions. Sophie Cauvin explore natural materials like wood, sand, metal, ash... With the recurrence of the circle , symbol of perfection , and spiritual symbols, inspiring for everyone,  each work   offer a questioning, an archaeological journey that takes us beyond the real.


Her mixed techniques allow her to explore subjects in-depth and extend the traditional scope of paintings. High-risk marriages require wisdom and throught in order to succed and Sophie Cauvin jealously guards the preparation of this basic material of her paitings. Sophie Cauvin’s work is a chimistry between the active form and the content which give her paintings a unique and mystical perspective… 





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