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Gregory Auerbach is a Los Angeles based artist. 

His work consists mostly of spray paint over mixed-media, often with reclaimed materials ranging from shiny bullets to dirty newspaper clippings. He wants to change the world, he'll hopefully at least make a dent, and his mother is very proud of him.


Greg's newest series is called Future: No Future and depicts scenes of ongoing world travesties and their repercussions (i.e. child homelessness, global warming, and human trafficking.) His previous series, Hollywood Graffiti, is ongoing and started with famous Hollywood icons over relative collage. It's since expanded to showcase Greg's heroes, varying from musicians to revolutionaries.


He received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The Hollywood Graffiti series consists of famous film icons spray painted over a collage of materials that relate to the specific person's career, interests, life and art.





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