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Francis Grosjean is a photographer and filmmaker. Inspired at the age of 10 by his math teacher who taught him to shoot with a large format camera and to print images in a lab.

NIKON medalist at age 20, Il Ford Light sponsored his first exhibition in Lyon in 1971 "Bervbers".



After earning his engineering diploma at ECAM, he chose to pair his industry knowledge to his passion of the image by performing 250 prestigious films and commercials for major French and foreign companies.35 International and National Awards reward its institutional work crowned by a SCAM Grand Prix in 2008.Teacher in several film schools in Paris , he realizes TV documentaries and short fiction films.



Since 2007, FRANCIS photographs nature in terms of fractals by searching through the entire spectrum of scales, from the macroscopic shooting to aerial photo, the anthropomorphic figures which are hidden inside. Entitled “The Eye of The Monster” and “Iron Monster” Its colors and black and white photographs are printed in large format. 








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