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Fabio was born in Turin in 1966. He has lived in Spain , Sardinia and Milan , taking part in several group exhibitions, and then moved to Australia. His artistic training was heavily influenced by symbolism and spirituality of the aborigines , with whom he began his spiritual search , in tune with a primitive way of life and a culture untouched by progress and industrialization. Later came into contact with American Indian Pueblos in New Mexico, where he met the “elders “, which drew the inspiration for a sacred symbology and the need to return to nature as an antidote to alienation of man in contemporary society. From nature Pietrantonio draws the raw material for his works, which are made with wood, stones, dust, sand, pigments, metals, gauze, cloth and even flower petals. All carefully selected materials in pristine environments, contributing to the creation of ” totems “: objects, paintings and sculptures that tend to create a feeling of cosmic harmony.


After the series of terrorist attacks in various parts of the world, since 2004 Pietrantonio began painting totemic animals, symbols of protection that transmit messages of peace and faith. It belongs to the same research the series of portraits of Karol Wojtyla, in which the pope emerges in all its intense spirituality of suffering man, still able to fight despite the disease. The metaphysical longing that characterizes the search for Pietrantonio transcends the individual religious beliefs to search for the deeper meaning and original union with nature, in a sort of pantheistic animism.


It is no coincidence that the artist has a studio in the Alps and one in Sardinia, where nature is a source of continuous inspiration for his works.





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