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Christina Jekey works primarily with wood. Her vision of the shapes and forms she endeavors to sculpt determine the material she will ultimately employ. Biomorphic and surreal forms develop organically as the sculptor contorts layers of wood. She states, "I see the shape in my dreams or during meditation... the sculpture literally shapes up in front of my eyes, giving me more information about the primitive idea. As I assemble the pieces and sand them to highlight the wood grain,


I begin to see the final shape come into view. This moment marks the most critical aspect in Jekey's process as it advances the artist's phantasm into a reality. After the shape has been cultivated, she refines the object through polishing and accenting, furthering the sculpture's unique aesthetic. As for the intended effect of her work,


Jekey says "My work dares to assert beauty, not only beauty in the form but also in the radiance. I express a deep impulse that projects my work beyond materiality and offers what one may call an additional soul.




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