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During his traveling abroad sharing the standards of living and values as Designer, Bernard developed a keen eye for photography and art relating to history and surroundings which evolved into graphic imaging compositions expressing myself through the experience of the moment by creating art photo montage relating to our environment and state of mind which calls for reaction to the photo imaging or message.


His art as photo imaging montage is not political yet should provoke and be perceived as a mirror of ourselves expressing inspirational images and surrealistic thoughts representing his philosophy of life. 


When he create his "Montage" he is engaging in a personal dialogue causing a reaction from the people exploring his images reflecting his  attitude toward life and concerns about the globalization of our social fabric in America and abroad.


The symbolism contained in his artworks, the energies and shapes of the subjects and the effects of multiple transparencies into a sole creation should influence future owners by reflecting themselves on the psychological intended messages..



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