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Lucia Engstrom, a swede, who grew up in San Francisco and New York has always had a fascination with light. Whether photographing the midsummer sky over the archipelago, the sun drenched hills in California or the salt-glittered horizon in Long Island, light has always played the main character. For Lucia it is the way the sun illuminates landscapes, reflects off water, creates halos, and paints the sky in Technicolor radiance that makes light such a compelling and complex character. 


Lucia photographs the light at dusk, a time that is moody, vibrant, colorful and reflective. She has a fascination with the interplay of water and the sky during this transitive moment- the way they illuminate each other and add mystery and movement while engaging in a sort of dance.  Each element envelopes the other creating its own depth, layer, and story- sometimes in breath-like thinness and other times stretching out infinitely, thick and suffocating, but always eliciting an emotion.


Lucia’s photographs are abstract yet familiar. Each image has a narrative, a life of its own, and always keeps the viewer wondering by engaging the eye again and again.  Using various focal lengths, exposures and time lapses, she captures the light during these transitive moments and then further enhances, layers and modulates the colors resulting in glowing, abstract, atmospheric photographs that are painterly and almost palpable.




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